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Beveridge Geo-Services is a fully insured and licensed Washington State certified woman-owned business. We offer high quality geologic and environmental consulting services at very competitive rates. The majority of our clients are regional or nationally based environmental, geotechnical or development consulting firms who understand the benefit of our specialized knowledge of environmental laws and regulations.

Our services include but are not limited to Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)  and Remediation, Risk Assessment, Groundwater Monitoring, GIS/GPS, Spill Response, and Geologic Hazards Analysis.

Our Phase I ESA process thoroughly satisfies the all appropriate inquiry requirements of 40 CFR 312, as described in ASTM E1527-13; while simultaneously presenting a complete and accurate historical lineage of the subject property in question. We have performed hundreds of Phase I ESAs throughout the Western United States for a multitude of commercial and private clients over the approximately six year period from 2010 to present. Subject properties include a shuttered seafood processing facility, two commercial aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities, multiple industrial commercial complexes, multi-county commercial timber assets, multiple dry cleaners, gas stations and auto repair facilities, clandestine drug labs, and several commercial dairy farms. We are uniquely experienced in assessing commercial sites for SBA loan approval, having completed many SBA-related ESAs.

We have completed more than 200 Phase II ESAs from 2010 through 2016. Many of the investigations were undertaken for the purpose of SBA or private bank loan assurance. Phase II investigation activities commonly include soil, soil gas, air and groundwater sampling at commercial and residential properties including industrial manufacturing facilities, railroad bulk storage and freight transfer terminals, dry cleaners, gas stations, automobile repair facilities, former agricultural lands, and multiple heating oil and underground storage tank sites.

Over the last five years in particular, we have had many opportunities to assess commercial sites for potential vapor intrusion and/or vapor encroachment, and have since become experts in the field of soil gas sampling. Our services have been tapped by other environmental consulting companies to lead Phase II soil gas investigations.


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