Carrie A. Beveridge
RG (OR), LG (WA), PG (ID), PG (UT)

Carrie Beveridge has practiced environmental and geologic consulting throughout the western United States for more than two decades. She has managed a wide range of projects including Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Environmental Risk Assessments, Beneficial Water Use Determinations, Emergency Spills Response, and Geophysical Surveys. Ms. Beveridge is licensed to practice geology in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.

Michael E. Vasquez
Licensed & Bonded Monitoring Well Constructor
Michael Vasquez is a skilled environmental technician, electrician, driller, carpenter, sound engineer and jack-of-all-trades. He has decades of experience operating and repairing hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment on the fly and is extremely adept at trouble-shooting technical issues and innovating solutions. Mike has headed up the environmmental drilling team at Beveridge Geo-Services for 5 years.